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We provide a variety of film making equipments, so shooting will never be the same again!

SPECIAL GRIPMoviebird 62
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CABLE CAM 3DMoviebird 62
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Special GripScorpio 45
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SPECIAL GRiPGrandtrack
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IntroductionSpecial Grip Hungary

Was founded by key grips, dolly grips and grips in 1999.The main goal of the company is to provide the best quality service not only equipment wise but crew wise too. From the smallest shoot to the biggest triple A title you can find the best equipment for your production ranging from dollies to the biggest cranes of the world to broadcast equipment.

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Our selection includes a variety of lenses, filters, and accessories that allow you to experiment with different styles and techniques. Whether you're into landscape photography, portrait sessions, or cinematic videography, you'll find the perfect tools to elevate your work.

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Check out our brannd new equipment broschure

The Grand Track is a fully self-drivable trailer custom developed for the movie industry. With it’s V8 350 HP engine and one automatic gear shift system, the Grandtrack is constructed for consistent smooth and steady movements. All the three axes have their own air suspension and shock absorbers with adjustable stiffness

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Special Grip

Shooting at it's best...and some of our best tools!

Explore our range of camera equipment today and embark on a journey of creativity and self-expression. Whether you're capturing breathtaking landscapes, documenting life's moments, or crafting cinematic masterpieces, our camera gear is designed to help you push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

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